Most tourists flock in Mongolia in summer to enjoy nice and warm temperatures and see the vast landscapes of wide open country and immerse themselves in unique nomadic culture. Although Mongolian winter is incredibly cold and roads are blocked by snow, in many respects winter might sound the best time to travel to Mongolia as you read following adventures.

Dog sledding
Take the chance to be a musher for a day, and slide through the amazing sceneries of Terelj national park with dog sled while enjoying the beauty of snowy landscape. Available December through March.

Ice festival
Grab the unique opportunity to take part in a glamorous ice festival featuring horse and dog sled races and various traditional games. See the shaman offeringceremony and meet Duha people, commonly known as reindeer herders. Only in March.

Camel festival
Camel festival, better known as “Thousand Camel Festival”, is a celebration of the endangered Bactrian – two humped camel and its role in lives of Mongolian nomads. The festival provides lifetime opportunity to interact with local herders, and experience camel polo competitions and camel races, as well as Mongolian traditional music and dance. Only in March.

Explore nomadic culture
Stay with real nomadic families who are interested in meeting other people and willing to open their doors to you. Get involved in their daily chores as herding sheep and cattle on horse while enjoying the beauty of snowy landscape.  Enjoy authentic local cuisine and drinks as airag (fermented mare’s milk), arkhi (nomads’ vodka) while playing a game of ankle bones or lending an ear to heartwarming stories. All around the year.



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