Mongolian cuisine primarily consists of a large proportion of dairy products, vegetable and meat such as button, beef and goat meat which is believed to be necessary for the Mongols to overcome the cold, harsh winters. Most common food to be found either in fancy modern restaurants or roadhouses in rural areas are Buuz – steamed dumpling with mutton/beef, Khuushuur – deep fried dumpling with mutton/beef and Tsuivan – fried noodle with mutton. There are also Mongolian traditional cusines served on special occasions, for example Khorkhog and Boodog – lamb cooked inside a pot/skin with carrots, onions, and potatoes. The specialty of the dish is that lamb is cooked with burning hot stones from inside to outside. In Ulaanbaatar city there are numureus restaurants offering various food from every single corner of the world including Mexican, Indian, European and Asian dishes. You will even find various sea foods in Ulaanbaatar. The most prominent national beverages are Suutei tsai – salty milk tea and Airag – fermented mare‘s milk.
Vegetarian tough?
No, there are plenty of vegetarian dishes including vegetarian version of Buuz, Khuushuur and Tsuivan which you will find everywhere these days. A great number of reastaurants as Loving hut chains and Luna Blanca are serving exclusively vegetarian dishes.




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