Khuvsgul area is the north part of Mongolia and southern end of the great Siberian taiga forest, in which the Siberian larch tree is dominant. The area is well known for its alluring lake Khuvsgul, also called “Blue Pearl” and Tsaatan-reindeer people. The stunning beauty of nature, pristine sparkling lake and ethnic diversity make the region distinct from other parts of the country. It is always compared to Switzerland and Montano by visitors because of the craggy mountain peaks and rolling green hills, which are completely covered with colorful wild flowers. The lake is the second largest (136km long, 36 km wide) and the deepest (262m) in the country. It contains 70% of fresh water in Mongolia and home to a great variety of fish. The lake is frozen from the end of October until May which provides a great opportunity to develop winter tourism.
You will be amazed by astonishing beauty of the region particularly if you take a boat into the heart of the lake or ride pony horses on the shore. Besides, there are numerous activities and it is absolutely wonderful place for every visitor especially for peace seekers and nature lovers. You will also have a chance to meet the nomadic mountain tribe who has depended on their reindeer for thousands of years for food, clothes and transport.  They live in real wilderness with mountains up to 3000m above sea level and surrounded by real wildlife. Let us help you learn more about their unique way of life, fascinating culture and experience a once-in-a-life time trip.

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