Great Gobi & Central Mongolia tour

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Great Gobi & Central Mongolia tour is a loop starting from Ulaanbaatar, traveling to the Great Gobi and through central Mongolia and finally back to the capital. It takes you through the spectacular diverse landscape, amazing hospitable culture and magnificent natural and historical wonders of the country. The tour begins with the Great Gobi desert where dinosaurs roamed for millions of years and first scientifically recognized dinosaur eggs were found. Glamorous Ice gorge, magnificent Flaming cliff and magical Singing sand dunes are also in the itinerary. In middle of the trip you will be taken to heart of Mongolia -amazing historical site Karakorum, capital of Mongol Empire and historic charming monastery Erdenezuu. Beautiful landscape, spectacular scenery and magical legends about the places you visit don’t give you a second to get bored. The final part of the trip will be in the land of wild horses where you will see not only wild horses but also dozens of wild animals as red deer, wolves, fox, marmot and wonderful burial site with standing stones as well as a magnificent deer stone. Witness these amazing creatures grazing in the mountains.
GREAT GOBI: Yolyn Am-Ice gorge, Flaming cliff, visit to nomadic family, camel riding in desert, climbing sand dune-Khongoryn els, charming buddhist temple Ongi.
CENTRAL MONGOLIA: Karakorum – capital of Mongol Empire, biggest buddhist Monasteries Erdenezuu , Wild horses-Takhi, ancient historical artifacts.



Day 1. Ulaanbaatar – Tsagaan suvarga
Start you great adventure in Tsagaan Suvarga, which has rocky formations up to 60 meter high, eroded by wind and reminicent of a ruined city of ancient time.
Day 2. Tsagaan suvarga – Yolyn Am
Travel to Yolyn Am-ice gorge where you will enjoy being in natural fridge during the Gobi steaming hot day. Visit a local museum and get an introduction of the area and its wildlife.
Day 3. Yolyn Am – Khongor Sand Dunes
Start your day driving through thrilling ice gorge to Khongor sand dunes – the largest sand dunes in Mongolia with 300m height and 130km long. Visit a camel herding family and ride camel to sand dunes then climb to its summit. See the sunset from top of the dunes with a bottle of wine before billions of stars come out.
Day 4. Khongor Sand Dunes – Flaming Cliff
Travel to magnificent Flaming Cliff where first scientifically recognized dinosaur eggs were discovered. Admire the wide open plain where you will spot nothing but a shadow of cloud.
Day 5. Flaming Cliff– Ongi temple
Hit the road to charming old temple on your way to central Mongolia. You will absolutely be isolated in wilderness. Drive across the endless steppe with no single hill until the beautiful small temple stops you. Get introduction of sad history in Mongolian Buddhism in 20th century, but beautiful stories and amazing natural beauty will bring happiness back to you.
Day 6. Ongi temple – Karakorum
Travel from the Gobi’s isolated landscapes to totally different landscape. Travel to Karakorum, the capital of Mongol Empire in 13th century and a place of great history, and visit a small but informative history museum. The attraction of the day is Erdenezuu monastery – UNESCO world heritage site.
Day 7. Karakorum – Khustai nature reserve
Head back to Ulaanbaatar but stop at Khustai, land of wild horses-Takhi, for a night. Drive deep into the heart of the park where you will find wonderful burial site with a magnificent deer stone. Enjoy the quietness and breathtaking scenery of the park while seeing the Takhi and red deer. Also, you will witness the marmots playing around or fighting each other before we finish the day.
Day 8. Khustai nature reserve – Ulaanbaatar
Drive back to Ulaanbaatar where you finish your great adventure in Mongolia. Do cashmere or souvenir shopping before attending an astounding folk performance ‘Tumen Ekh’ which covers Mongolian throat singing, contortion and traditional music instrument etc. After the performance you will be taken to your hotel.



Itinerary is not fixed, can be modified.



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Available from March – November

1550$ per person for 2 pax
1350$ per person for 3 – 4 pax



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  • Meals
  • Bottled water supply
  • Entrance tickets to national parks and sightseeings
  • Camel riding


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Itinerary is not fixed, can be modified

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