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Horse riding to Khagiin Khar lake will be totally off the beaten track and you will be absolutely thrilled by beauty of Khagiin Khar lake which is located in Khan Khentii mountain range.  The lake is about 2000m above sea level with depth of 20m. You will be welcomed by beautiful thick forests, breathtaking scenery and wide open steppe during the trip. You will also be challenged by muddy meadows and rivers crossing which makes the trip more adventurous. The trek will start from Gorkhi – Terelj national park and it will last for 10 days in total. All your gear will be carried on a pack horse and you will ride around 30km each day.
Day 1. Chinggis khan Equestrain statue, Terelj national park and Nomadic family.
We will start our trip by visiting the largest equestrian statue of Chinggis Khaan, Mongolia’s new main attraction and Terelj National Park before we visit nomadic family where we will start our great adventure.
Day 2. Starting our horse riding.
Begin our horse trek from Gorkhi – Terelj national park and ride along Tuul river towards Khagiin khar lake.
Day 3. Riding along Tuul river in Khan Khentii protected area.
We will ride through beautiful mountains with thick forest, muddy trails and green grassland.
Day 4. Riding to Khagiin Khar lake.
We will continue riding through the beautiful nature, crossing rivers and marsh meadows. In the evening we will get to the Khagiin Khar Nuur.
Day 5. Relaxing day at the lake.
This day will be your leisure day. Go hiking or ride around the lake and take some time to relax and enjoy this beautiful place.
Day 6 & 7. Riding through Khavirga mount pass
In the morning, we will start riding back to Terelj national park. We will ride across the Khavirga mount pass where we will be challenged by marsh and muddy meadows.
Day 8 & 9. Riding through Gorkhi – Terelj national park and Tuul river basin.
Now we have a chance to enjoy galloping on wide open steppe. Both horses and you will be happy returning home.
Day 10. Return back to nomadic family in Terelj national park.
Finally we will be back to the nomadic family in Terelj National Park. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.


Available from May – October


$900 p.p for 2 pax


  • Private transport to/from starting/end point
  • 10 days of horse riding
  • English speaking guide
  • Horse guide
  • Meals
  • Accommodation (nomadic family, camping tent)
  • Bottled water supply
  • Chaps and Helmet


  • Travel insurance
  • Optional activities
  • Alcoholic drinks

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