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This tour provides you a life time opportunity to experience horse riding in Mongolia, learn Dukha people’s (Reindeer herders) culture and visit famous Khuvsgul lake. You will ride deep into Taiga through challenging but admiring wild nature to get to Reindeer herders. All your gear will be carried on a pack horse and you will ride around 30km each way.
Day 1. Amarbayasgalant monastery
Start our great adventure to Amarbayasgalant, the biggest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Visit the monastery and enjoy the amazing architecture.
Day 2. Khuvsgul
Drive heading towards Khuvsgul, well knowns as Mongolian Switzerland. Travel through Bulgan province and enjoy beauty of Mongolian countryside.
Day 3. Tsagaan Nuur village and Tsaatan community
Continue our journey through ragged mountains with thick forest and admire breathtaking scenery from top of the mountain passes. In the late afternoon we will arrive at Tsagaan Nuur village where we will get prepared for horse riding to the Dukha people.
Day 4. Horse riding to Dukha people – Reindeer herders
This horse trek will be totally off the beaten track and you will be absolutely thrilled by beauty of Taiga. We will ride to reindeer tribe for about 30km. In the late evening, we will get to our final destination.
Day 5. Exploring Reindeer herders’ culture
Visit reindeer families and explore Dukha people’s culture. Get involved in their daily activities and learn their culture.
Day 6. Horse riding back to Tsagaan Nuur village
In the morning, we will leave the reindeer tribe and will ride back to Tsagaan Nuur village.
Day 7. Lake Khuvsgul – Asian blue pearl
Travel to Khuvsgul Lake for a rest after long adventurous journey. Lake Huvsgul is one of the must-visit destinations in Mongolia.
Day 8. Free day at Khuvsgul lake
Have a rest on lakeshore and do some optional activities as hiking, horse riding and boating.
Day 9. Urantogoo dead volcano
Travel to Urantogoo- dead volcano through Bulgan area. Enjoy a short hike to the volcano.
Day 10. Ulaanbaatar
Travel back to Ulaanbaatar
* Itinerary is not fixed, can be modified.
Available from April – October


$1200 per person for 2 pax
$1000 per person for 3 pax


  • Private transport to/from starting/end point
  • English speaking guide
  • Horse keeper
  • Meals
  • Accommodation (nomadic family, camping tent)
  • Bottled water supply
  • Chaps and Helmet
  • Tents & Sleeping bags
  • Entrance tickets to national parks

  • Travel insurance
  • Optional activities
  • Alcoholic drinks

    * Itinerary is not fixed, can be modified.

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