Central & Northern Mongolia tour

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Central & Northern Mongolia tour starts with the Khustai nature reserve, the land of wild horses and takes you through central Mongolia: amazing historical site Karakorum-ancient capital of Mongol Empire, historic charming monastery Erdenzuu, magical extinct volcano Khorgo and ends with alluring lake Khuvsgul, also called “Blue Pearl”. The Best of Mongolia tour gives you a lifetime  opportunity to see rare wildlife, wonderful landscape and explore rich history of the country at the same time.
CENTRAL MONGOLIA: Khustai nature reserve, Mini Gobi, Khogno khan nature reserve, Karakorum – capital of Mongol Empire, biggest buddhist monastery Erdenezuu , Extinct Volcano Khorgo , Great Lakes, Chuluut river canyon.
NORTHERN MONGOLIA: Jargalant hot spa, alluring lake Khuvsgul, horse riding, reindeer people.
Day 1. Ulaanbaatar – Karakorum
Hit the road to Khustai nature reserve, the motherland of wild horses-Takhi. Admire the majestic wildlife of the nature reserve as you see dozens of wild animals such as red deer, wolves, fox, marmot, and you’ll definitely have a chance to see the amazing Takhi grazing around you. Then travel to Karakorum, the capital of Mongol Empire in 13th century and a place of great history, and visit a small but informative history museum. Visit the main attraction, Erdenezuu monastery – first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia and UNESCO world heritage.
Day 2. Karakorum – Khorgo extinct volcano
Head for Khorgo extinct volcano and great White Lake. On the way stop by a Chuluut river gorge which witnesses the volcanic eruption sometime eight thousand years ago. Climb up to the dead volcano and admire the breathtaking scenery and see the ocean of lava that blocked the river and formed great White Lake.
Day 3. Khorgo volcano – Jargalant hot spa
Start your next adventurous day driving on the shore of the lake, pass over incredible mountain ridges and travel through a beautiful, thick forests. See and enjoy Mongolian beautiful countryside with plenty of yaks. Break your journey at Jargalant natural hot spa where take a rest and relax after three day busy trip.
Day 4. Jargalant hot spa – Murun city
Continue  on your trip to Murun–a city of northern Mongolia, through stunning mountains with thick forest and shallow rivers. The area is famous for its yak and black goats.
Day 5 Murun city – Lake Khuvsgul
Head to our final and the most admired destination Lake Khuvsgul, the deepest lake in the country. On the way, stop by an astonishing archelogical site, Uushigiin uvur; and see amazing deer stones and a reindeer family. Do some optional activities like taking a boat tour, hiking or horseback riding.
Day 6. A day at Lake Khuvsgul.
Go hiking to the mountain peak for a panoramic view of the great lake and enjoy the spectacular view of the area. Do some optional activities such as taking a  boat tour, swimming, or  horseback riding.
Day 7. Lake Khuvsgul – Ulaanbaatar.
Travel back to Murun city for a flight to Ulaanbaatar. Do cashmere or souvenir shopping before attending an astounding folk performance, ‘Tumen Ekh’, which includes Mongolian throat singing, contortion and traditional music instrument etc.  After the performance you will be taken to your hotel.

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