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№ 2. Mongolia launches E-VISA system.

Mongolia e-Visa Information

The Mongolia eVisa is an upcoming digital visa that will permit foreign nationals to visit the country. This electronic visa for Mongolia will be obtainable by applying online.

Few details about the upcoming eVisa for Mongolia have been released.

The new system will allow eligible travelers to obtain a Mongolia tourist visa online and it is likely that the eVisa may also permit business trips.


Simple online visa application

Will allow entry for tourism

What Is Necessary?

Valid passport issued by an eligible country

Mongolia Tourist Visa Requirements

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№ 1. Mongolia opens its borders to fully vaccinated travelers.

Today on February 14, Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene announced that currently, 92 percent of the country’s total adult population have become fully vaccinated, while 52 percent of target group citizens have been administered with their third shot of COVID-19 vaccines. 90 thousand citizens have also been involved in their fourth shot so far. Thus, based on the risk assessment that was carried out on infection and protection, Mongolia fully opens its borders to international travel. In other words, aside from the advisory being issued for wearing face masks, practicing social distancing, hand sanitizing, and being actively involved in COVID-19 vaccinations, all prior restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic situation are being lifted.

Mentioning that if travelers didn’t have full vaccination, it is possible to get vaccinated in Mongolia as the country has now become open to all tourists and investors who are fully vaccinated, “The government, administrative bodies, private entities, and tourism companies of Mongolia will put efforts into creating the necessary conditions to ensure safety and provide smooth services for all those arriving in the country for business and tourism purposes,” he said.

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