Why visit mongolia

Mongolia is not only well known for the history of the great Chinggis Khan, but it is also widely known for its wonderful cultural diversity and stunning natural allure. Spectacular countryside with vast open steppe, rugged mountains and abundant wildlife make Mongolia truly one of the untouched travel destinations on earth. There are seas of empty silent steppes where you can catch only the shadows of clouds roll over the land for miles and miles. Centuries of nomadic living made Mongolians tremendous hospitable and we are pleased to share what we have, welcome whoever comes, and invite them to be fully immersed in our culture.

The followings are the main reasons why you have to travel to Mongolia.

  • Chinggis khan – A founder of the largest empire on earth and greatest legendary figure the world has ever known.

  • Horseback riding – Mongolia is known as the mother land of horses and now it is home to over three hundred wild horses and three million domesticated horses.

  • Naadam festival – Honored celebration of a national independence and a sophisticated and eloquent expression of nomadic culture. The festival is an outstanding combination of arts and sports that embraces many artistic elements such as dancing, singing and performing.

  • Gobi desert – We are widely known for the great Gobi desert and dinosaur fossils. In 1923 an American Museum of Natural History crew discovered the first scientifically recognized dinosaur egg fossils from Mongolia and introduced them to the world.

  • Spectacular wildlife and nature – You will be amazed by the spectacular, diverse landscape, amazing hospitable culture and magnificent natural and historical wonders of the country. Beautiful landscape, spectacular scenery and magical legends about the places you visit don’t give you a second to get bored.

  • Genuine nomadism – Mongolians are quite proud of the genuine nomadism which is unchanged from the time of Chinggis Khan and astonishing natural beauty of the country. Please let us share our rich culture and amazing experience with you.

  • Eagle hunting – A group of true nomadic people in western area of Mongolia. They preserve an old tradition, training eagles to hunt smaller animals like foxes, rabbit and marmot for centuries.

  • Cashmere production – We export not only gold and coal, but also cashmere products. We are the second largest cashmere producer in the world after China.

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