Turkic historical monument tour

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This specially designed itinerary is for anyone who are keen on exploring and learning about Turkic archeological & historical sites and Mongolian beautiful nature. This tour will take you through Turkic Empire history, its historical & archeological sites, Buddhist monasteries and spectacular wildlife.

Day 1. Arrival & Ulaanbaatar city tour

After arrival you will visit Sukhbaatar Square, the city’s central square, in front of the Mongolian Parliament building where you will be informed about Mongolian rich history and latest updates and history of Ulaanbaatar (UB) city as well. Then you will be taken to the National Museum of Mongolian History. The museum was established in 1924 and it displays over 50000 archeological, historical and ethnological artifacts from prehistoric times to the present. You will enjoy the rich history, diverse culture and astonishing traditions of Mongolia. The next beautiful attraction is Gandan Buddhist Monastery. The monastery is gigantic and it displays great arts and sculptures in Buddhism. You will also see chanting which gives you a great pleasure and peace, and enjoy eye-catching architecture and huge 27 meters high gold plated Buddha statue.

Day 2. Tonyukuk Inscription, Chinggis Khan equestrian statue

In the morning you will be taken to wise Tonyukuk monument, supreme commander and general of Turkic Empire. On the way we will stop to see a vulture and eagle, to hold them on your arm, and get some awesome photos taken. Then in half an hour you will visit the giant equestrian statue of Chinggis khan which located in a vast plain with 360 degree view of the surroundings and explore the statue complex. At noon we will head for Terelj National Park where we will have hearty lunch in cozy restaurant. Then we will explore Turtle Rock and visit the Meditation temple where you will enjoy the quietness and beautiful view of the park.

Day 3. Mini Gobi & Orkhon valley

Head to Mongol Els, well known as mini Gobi in central Mongolia where we will ride two humped camel on sand dunes. Go hiking for an hour to a beautiful small temple in Khugnu khan mountain where you will admire the diversity of landscape of the area.

Day 4. Orkhon valley & Erdenezuu monastery

Travel to Museum of Khushuu Tsaidam which displays historical heritage including stone monuments with inscriptions, stone turtles, human statues and other relics. The Museum is dedicated to Khans of Turkic Empire between the 6th and 8th century that existed in Mongolia. Then head to Karakorum, the capital of Mongol Empire in 13th century and a place of great history, and visit a small but informative history museum. Visit the main attraction, Erdenezuu monastery – the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia and UNESCO world heritage.

Day 5. Khustai national park & Ulaanbaatar

Hit the road to Khustai nature reserve, the motherland of wild horses, the Takhi. Go deep into the heart of the park where you will find wonderful burial site with a magnificent deer stone. Admire the wildlife of the park as you see dozens of wild animals as red deer, wolf, fox, marmot and you’ll definitely have a chance to see the amazing Takhi grazing just around you.

Day 6.
Khustai nature reserve – Ulaanbaatar
Take a horse riding in vast open steppe where you will find only your shadows, and maybe a herd of horses. After lunch we will head back to Ulaanbaatar and enjoy a proper shower and luxurious bed in your hotel for a while, or do cashmere or market shopping in the late afternoon. In the evening you will admire the traditional cultural performance including Mongolian throat singing, contortion, and traditional music instruments etc. After the performance you will be taken to your hotel.

This itinerary is not fixed, can be modified.

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