Thirteenth Century Complex tour

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Thirteenth Century Complex tour takes you to real micro kingdom of the 13th century where you will see and experience the genuine way of living at that time. Start with Chinggis khan statue complex where you will get the taste of great history, then in Thirteenth Century Complex you will get deep into the way of living at that time. Enjoy the craftsmen art work, Mongolian traditional scripts, dine in the king’s palace, see horse training and catching horses with lasso pole.

In the morning you will be taken to Chinggis khan statue complex. On the way we will stop to see a vulture and eagle, to hold them on your arm, and get some awesome photos taken. Then in half an hour you will visit the giant statue which is located in a vast plain with 360 degree view of the surroundings and explore the statue complex.
Carry on to thirteenth century complex to witness the authentic way of living at the time of Chinggis khan. You will be welcomed just as how Chinggis khan received his honored guests and have hearty lunch in the kings or queens palace. In the afternoon visit different tribes and enjoy the craftsmen art work, Mongolian calligraphy, practice archery, see horse training and catching horses with lasso pole, and ride horses and camels.
Drive back to Ulaanbaatar before billions of stars come out and hold you back in Mongolian countryside. 

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