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Horse riding in Orkhon valley, Central Mongolia gives you taste of Mongolian history but best of Mongolian natural beauty. You will visit Karakorum – the capital of Mongol Empire, Erdenezuu – the biggest Buddhist monastery and famous Orkhon waterfall. During horse trek, you will visit nomadic family and learn about genuine nomadism in Mongolia. You will be taken into absolute wilderness and get amazed by beauty of the Eight Lake national park.
Day 1. Mini Gobi – Camel riding
Head to Mini Gobi in central Mongolia where we will ride two humped camel on sand dunes. Go hiking for an hour to a beautiful small temple in Khugnu khan mountain where you will admire diverse landscape of the area.
Day 2. Karakorum – The capital of Mongol Empire
Travel to Karakorum, the capital of Mongol Empire in 13th century and a place of great history, and visit a small but informative history museum. Visit the main attraction, Erdenezuu monastery – the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia and UNESCO world heritage.
Day 3. Nomadic family – Experiencing nomadic culture
Visit a real nomadic family who are interested in meeting other people and willing to open their doors to you. Get involved in their daily chores as herding sheep and cattle, making dairy products and cooking delicious meal of the day.
Day 4. Horse riding to Orkhon waterfall
Start riding to Eight Lakes via Orkhon waterfall. Enjoy beautiful thick forest and ragged mountain.
Day 5 & 6. Horse riding to Khuis and Shireet lakes
Get to Khuis nuur, the first of famous Eight lakes. Explore the area on horseback and enjoy the beauty of the park.
Day 7. Horse riding around Eight lakes and Shavart mount
Get further into the park and enjoy the wilderness of the area.
Day 8. Ride back to nomadic family
Head back to the nomadic family. Enjoy authentic local cuisine and drinks as airag (fermented mare’s milk), arkhi (nomads’ vodka) while playing a game of ankle bones or lending an ear to heartwarming stories.
Day 9. Travel to Ulaanbaatar
Hit the road back to Ulaanbaatar.
* Itinerary is not fixed, can be modified.
Available from April – October

$150 for 1 person a day
$120 per person for 2 pax a day
$110 per person for 3 pax a day

  • Private transport to/from starting/end point
  • English speaking guide
  • Horse keeper
  • Meals
  • Accommodation (nomadic family, camping tent)
  • Bottled water supply
  • Chaps and Helmet
  • Tents & Sleeping bag
  • Entrance ticket to national parks and sightseeing
  • Camel riding

  • Travel insurance
  • Optional activities
  • Alcoholic drinks

    * Itinerary is not fixed, can be modified.

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