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This horse trek will give you the opportunity to experience horse riding in Mongolia and takes you to the land of wild horses, Khustai national park. There are dozens of wild animals as red deer, wolf, fox, marmot and wonderful burial site with standing stones as well as a magnificent deer stone. You will find yourself in stunning beautiful landscape where you’ll have a chance to see these amazing creatures grazing in the mountains
Day 1. A Visit to Nomadic family
Visit a real nomadic family who are interested in meeting other people and willing to open their doors to you. Get involved in their daily chores as herding sheep and cattle, making dairy products and cooking delicious meal of the day.
Day 2. Horse riding to Khustai national park
Start horse riding to Khustai national park to see Takhi, the wild horses. Enjoy galloping on the wide open steppe along Tuul river.
Day 3. Horse riding back to nomadic family
Head back to the family. Gallop along the bank of Tuul river. Admire the breathtaking scenery along Tuul river valley.
Day 4. Travel to Ulaanbaatar
Travel back to Ulaanbaatar

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